Prank Call Commandos!
Prank Call Commandos!

Listen to these "Phone Prank Warriors" cause Havoc & Mayhem on the Telephone!

Links Online;

Listen to "Phone Taps", from the Brooke & Jeffrey Morning Radio Show featured on MOViN 92.5 FM, Seattle Washington at;
The Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Tap Podchaser Podcasts.

The Responsible Phone Pranking of Brad Carter [AKA; RBCP
Red Box Chili Pepper],
can be Heard/Seen at
The Phone Losers of America Website,
The Phone Losers of America YouTube Channel.

Hear Prank Calls impersonating well known celebrities at; Celebrity Prank Calls.

The Corrosive & Hard Hitting Telephone Assaults of Carlos Gierbolini [AKA; Carlito Cross], can be Heard/Seen at;
Phone Pranks by CARLITO!,
The Madhouse Internet Archives.

Not Even a Show, or "NEAS", is a Prank Call Show that specifically targets "Right Wing Nut Jobs" such as Radio & Podcast "Talking Heads", and "Corrupt" GOP Politicians.
It is the "Sole Brainchild" of Vancouver Canada based Comedian
Chris James [AKA; "Prank Stallone" or "Chris Prankton"], and he presents these Pranks as the centerpiece of his Weekly "NEAS Shows".
You can listen to the episodes at
The Not Even a Show YouTube Channel.

Listen to Prank Calls "Mabe in America", by Tom Mabe at;
Tom Mabe Prank Calls on YouTube.

The late Steve Allen, was the very first host of "The Tonight Show"[1954-1957] as well as many others, and a "Pioneer" in the fine art of "Prank Calls". You can "Listen In" to some samples at;
The Steve Allen Funny Prank Calls YouTube Channel.

The Straight Forward and Brash Telephone Confrontations of Michael Manson Waters [AKA; Nedly Mandingo or just Ned], can be heard at;
The Ned's Prank Phone Calls YouTube Channel,
Ned Prank Calls @ "Listn.To".

An Extensive Cast of Telephone Pranksters contribute to "Another Prank Call Show". You can enjoy the chaos at;
Another Prank Call Show Website
Another Prank Call Show YouTube Channel.

Fictious Prank Radio Character, Roy D. Mercer, was created by the Radio DJ Duo of Brent Douglas & Phil Stone from Radio Station KMOD 97.5 FM, Tulsa Oklahoma. Listen to Old Roy's "Redneck Rage" at;
The Roy D. Mercer YouTube Channel.

Listen to a compilation of Prank Calls by Howard Stern and his show cast members at;
The Howard Stern Prank Call YouTube Channel.

The Jerky Boys, are a Prank Call Duo, founded in Queens New York, back in 1989, by childhood friends Johnny Brennen and Kamal Ahmed. You can check out their "Craft" at;
The Jerky Boys MEGA Playlist on YouTube.

Listen to the Live Radio Phone Pranks by Darren "Wackhead" Simpson, of Radio 94.5 Kfm Johannesburg, South Africa at;
Darren "Wackhead" Simpson's YouTube Channel.

Listen to the Juvenile, but Hilarious Telephonic Attacks of Jared McMullin, as cued from his Friday night Prank Show entitled of all things, "Friday Night Cranks", at;
Friday Night Cranks on Spotify,
The Friday Night Cranks YouTube Channel.

Listen to Phone Pranks by Jubal Fresh, from The Jubal Fresh Radio Show on KRVO 103.1 The River FM, Columbia Falls, Montana at;
Phone Pranks with Jubal Fresh.

The "Touch Tone Terrorists", is actually just ONE MAN Pete Dzoghi [AKA; "RePete"], who purchased a series of 1-800 numbers to "Fake" customer service centers, with the purpose of spoofing and harassing actual customers trying to request "Help" or file a "Complaint".
You can listen to some of the "Phone Line Help" at
The Touch Tone Terrorist Playlist on YouTube.

Thomas Miles [AKA; Nephew Tommy] is an American comedian, actor and producer. As the character "Nephew Tommy", his main Modus Operandi is the staging of "Prank Calls"! He also happens to be a "Nephew" of Steve Harvey, which means NOTHING to ME, But I "Degress"!
You can listen to many of "Nephew Tommy's Pranks" at
The Nephew Tommy YouTube Playlist.

Listen to the "DNG Maestro Collections" of Verbal Telephonic Insults at; DNG Maestro's YouTube Channel.

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