Chuck Glisson; Veteran, Guitarist, Brewmaster & Mixologist.

Chuck Glisson

[Veteran, Guitarist, Activist,
Brewmaster & Mixologist.

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Feature Pages;

The Droid Zone; MY Web Portal for YOUR PC or Phone.

My Military Service; A brief snapshot of my Military Service.

My Music Projects.

My Music Gear; My Guitars, Effects and Amplification.

Chuck Glisson; Favorite Online Radio Stations.

ROCKMAN; My information hub for "Rockman" brand Guitar Effects.

Fun "E" $#iT on the Internet; A Web Portal for locating "Humorous Content" on the Internet.

Great TV on "The Airwaves"; Awesome programing available without Cable Subscription Service.

Thunder Ale; My "Home Brew"!

My GENi! A webpage for my "Genealogy".

Kill ALL "Wannabes"! Do "Posers" piss you off? Yeah, me too.

Hanging with Randy Hansen! Show Videos, & Photos from a "Meet & Greet".

Music Projects that BLOW CHUNKS!

Blackfoot with NO Original Members?

The original [and BETTER] "Skid Row".

The PDX Clown Referral Service.

Prank Call Commandos; Listen to these "Phone Prank Warriors" cause Havoc & Mayhem on the Telephone!

My 4 Favorite Progressive Commentators; Uncovering the "Politically Corrupted", exposing their "Complicity", & tracking their "Hopeful Demise"!

My Favorite Podcasts; Topics ranging from Self Analysis & Identity, Cultural Observations, the Mysterious & Supernatural, through Music & Politics!

The Progressive Media Portal.

Cascadia Awaits! The case for Northwest Independence.

Stop Harsh Internet Trolls; MY organization, to Identify & Expose "Internet Troll Farms", & "Clandestine Organizations" projecting a Faux Front for a Hidden Political Agenda.

My "Open Letter" to Joe Kent; One of THIS Ass Hole's "Reps", made the mistake of interuping "Band Practice", and conveying a threat to a member of the band. Let me "Assure" YOU of something Joe Kent, THAT is going to be ONE mistake that YOU CAN'T "Walk Back"!

TARGET, "The EVIL Supreme Court"; ABOLISH this "Institutionalized Corruption"!

; Seer for the "Pathetically Stupid" of ALL AGES!

My "Open Letter" to Riley Kasper.

Russia SUCKS! Get your "Russian Military", & "Vladimir Putin" bashing on HERE!

My "Open Letter" to Steve Bannon.

Hold Kyle Rittenhouse responsible for murder, & hold Judge Schroeder accountable for Corruption.

Donald Trump's Support Base.

Ashli Babbitt, Traitor Bitch; She "Died" the way she "Lived", as an AMERICAN TRAITOR!

My "Open Letter" to selfish Right Wing COVID Whiners & Deniers.

Vladimir Putin; I'd LOVE to see him get HIS BRAINS BASHED OUT!

Northwest Right Wing NUT JOBS!

Portland Activists Vs The Koch Machine.

Stolen Stills; Artistic Theft by a Lame Right Wing Musical Group.

9/11, the TRUTH!

Michael Vick is a DICK!

Merwin Tap is CRAP! When a "Gig" Nearly turned into a PARKING LOT LYNCHING!

Boehner, John Andrew.

John McCain & the "Keating Five" Scandal.

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