Prank Calls by CARLITO!
Prank Calls by CARLITO!

An Exclusive Selection of Prank Calls by
Carlos Gierbolini,
Carlito Cross]

Exclusive Prank Calls;

High Risk Pizza Delivery;

Yellow Nextels;

George Takei;

My name ain't Jake!;

How many minutes are in a hour?;

Neighborly Love;

Tunnel Vision;

Adventuring Computers;

Carlito plays GTA in Real Life;

Comcast Customer Support Prank Call;

Convenient Fee;

Stupid Bitch Fee;

Mr. Bad Customer;

Cobra Security;

Angry Chinese Cancelation;

Stool Sample;

Calls of Mass Confusion;

1st "Hold" FAIL;

Carlito's "United" customer service;

Toilet Offline;

Decorum & Decency;

Stolen iPhone[Part #1];

Stolen iPhone[Part #2];

UK Classics Prank Calls;

In memory of the "Great Carlito"

[ June 20th 1979 - May 8th 2020 ]

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