"Ted Nugent SUCKS!"
Ted Nugent SUCKS!
Ted Nugent

Question; Did you hear that Ted Nugent had a beer thrown at him at one of his shows?
Answer; He was okay. It was a draft so he dodged it easily!

Ha Ha Ha!

Question; What's Ted Nugent's favorite book?
Answer; The musicians guide to fingering A Minor!

Ha Ha Ha!

Question; What is 80 feet wide and has 22 teeth?
Answer; The front row of a Ted Nugent concert!

Question; What animal has an ass hole in the middle of its back?
Answer; Ted Nugent's Horse!

Ha Ha Ha!

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Ted Nugent implies that his "Friends & Family" are stupid, & reveals that he is "Fluent" in SHEEP !

The "Ted Nugent" SUCKS Facebook Group!

UNHINGED Ted Nugent urges VIOLENCE against "Political Oponents"!

Exactly why Ted Nugent will NEVER BE in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"!

Wacky Ted Nugent keeps whining about his
"Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame" exclusion

Here are the two reasons why we write about Ted Nugent all of the Time.

Rock Legend David Crosby "Shuts Down" Ted Nugent in just SEVEN WORDS!

Behind The Music THAT SUCKS; "Ted Nugent"!

David Crosby calls Ted Nugent a "Hack Player" after singer's
"Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" rant

Ted Nugent says he'll SUCK INTERVIEWERS DICK!

Ted Nugent to male CBS reporter;

Ted Nugent admits to "Soilng Himself" to AVOID THE DRAFT!

Ted Nugent, a "Pedophile", & a "Draft Dodger", in

Turd Nugget!

The "Pedophile Gunloon", & "Rosa Parks"!

Ted Nugent's "Jailbait Problem"!

Macho "Gun Slinging Tough Guy" & "Wannabee Guitar Player" Ted Nugent, IS a DRAFT DODGING COWARD!


Ted Nugent & Donald Trump are two Draft Dodgers!

Patriotic American, Ted Nugent SHIT HIS PANTS to AVOID "The Draft"!

FIVE OTHER TIMES Ted Nugent got out of an "Obligation" by SHITTING HIS PANTS!


Letters: Criticizing Ted Nugent, @ the Sangamon County GOP !


Ted Nugent threatens to kill "Barack Obama", & "Hillary Clinton", during a vicious onstage rant!

Ted Nugent, is a WASTE OF SPACE!

NRA Board Member Ted Nugent slams “Mushy Brained” Parkland Survivors: “They Have No Soul”!

Ted Nugent whines that HE is the victim of "Hate Speech", after HIS comments about "Parkland Teens" BACKFIRES on him!

Racist & Misogynist Ted Nugent campaigns alongside a Michigan GOP Candidate!

Ted Nugent doesn’t know who "Joan of Arc" was!

Ted Nugent "Self-Owns" himself via his ignorance of COVID-19!

Ted Nugent catches Coronavirus after a year of telling us that the pandemic is ALL FAKE!

Ted Nugent denies calling COVID-19 a Hoax after catching the virus!

We asked David Crosby about him ripping Ted Nugent on "Twitter"!

Ted Nugent shows that he has NO IDEA what "COVID-19" means via a "Bizarre Rant"!

Ted Nugent admitted he was WRONG about COVID!

Ted Nugent is the BIGGEST ASS HOLE in Rock & Roll!

NRA's Ted Nugent posts a racist;
“Two Niggers and a Stolen Truck”

Ted Nugent, is a RACIST ASS HOLE;

The five most Repellent Things Ted Nugent has ever done!

Here are 13 other Repugnant Comments that Ted Nugent should apologize for!

Joan Jett drops a "Cherry Bomb of Truth" over Ted Nugent Best Guitarist Diss; He has to live with being TED NUGENT!

Joan Jett’s savage reply to Ted Nugent: “This is the guy who shit his pants so he didn’t have to go in the Army”!

Joan Jett strikes back at Ted Nugent: "HE SHITS HIS PANTS"!

Ted Nugent is an "Anti-Semitic" ASS HOLE!

Ted Nugent CONTINUES to be a "Bigoted Ass Hole"!

What IS "Ted Nugent"?

The Pedal to the "Left" is an effect that Ted Nugent uses ALL THE TIME,
while the Pedal to "Right" is an effect that Ted Nugent DESPERATELY NEEDS

"Stupid Quotes" from Ted Nugent!

Giant turd Ted Nugent will perform in Clearwater next week!

Goldfinger performs; "Fuck Ted Nugent"[Live]!

Hannity, Q-Anon, & Ted Nugent, what a WEEK!

This, is "Ted Nugent", and he's an ASS HOLE!

Ted Nugent & Dee Snider are IN LOVE!

Dr. Ted Nugent admits that he didn’t go to “Mask College”!

Who the hell IS "Ted Nugent", and WHY should "I Care" that he’s a birther?

Millions mourn that Ted Nugent is still alive!

Ted Nugent MEMES; "I"!

Ted Nugent MEMES; "II"!

Ted Nugent MEMES "III"!

Ted Nugent hurls a "Pussy Joke" at Lauren Boebert, not that she has any class anyway, but still!

Ted Nugent; "Shoot Liberals like Rabid Coyotes"!

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