"Musical Projects that BLOW Chunks!"
Musical Projects that BLOW CHUNKS!

Creed; Unoriginal & Pretentious GARBAGE!

Eric Clapton; Anti Vaxxer & Racist!

Mojo Road; Wannabe Dip Shits who stabbed their bass guitarist in the back and paid DEARLY for it!

Wall of Voodoo; THIS "Voodoo" is "DooDoo"!

Limp Bizkit; Zakk Wylde "Said" it BEST!

Eminem; This Ass Hole's music is PURE SHIT, need I say "More"?

Phil Collins; It's "In" THE AIR tonight!

Bruce Springsteen; He's a LAME singer who "Fronts" an EQUALLY "Lame Band"!

Travis Tritt; is a piece of SHIT, and a COUNTRY BUNKIN!

Ted Nugent; He SUCKS as BOTH a "Guitarist & Songwriter", AND is a CHILD MOLESTING DRAFT DODGING COWARD Too!

Hank Williams Jr.; This fat disgusting piece of shit is a DISGRACE to the memory of his father, who unlike "Junior" here, WAS a "Talented & Decent" man.

Dave Mustaine;The two adjectives that describe Dave Mustaine best; DICK, and ASS HOLE!

[ Chuck Glisson ]