My Favorite Podcasts

Topics ranging from Self Analysis & Identity, Cultural Observations, the Mysterious & Supernatural, through Music & Politics!

The Daily


The Red Nation

The Watchlist

Astonishing Legends

Sound Opinions

Political Gabfest

Into The Fray

The Paranoid Strain

The Classic Rock Podcast

Urban Legends Podcast Portal

The Warning

The Moth


The Weeds

Rock & Roll Geek Show

Ted Radio Hour

Rebel HQ

The Unexplained

The David Packman Show

Everyone Loves Guitar


This Land

The Damage Report

Professor of Rock

QAnon Anonymous

Talking Till Dawn

Holy Koolaid

Generation Why?

Fil Henley

Phantoms & Monsters

The Meidas Touch


Rock & Roll High School

Voices For Justice

Moonlight Lore

Owen's Fireside Chat

NPR Podcasts


Little Steven's Underground Garage

Let's Be Treasonable

Pow Wow Life

Chuck Glisson