Nostramamus La DIP SHIT!
Nostradamus La DIP SHIT!
Nostradamus, was a Con Man, and a Loser!
Seer for the "Pathetically Stupid" of ALL AGES!

Sorry to "Burst Your Bubbles", you Nostradamus following Bleach Drinking COVID Microchip believing IDIOTS,
"Olde Nosty"
[AKA; "Nostradamus"], was just another FRADULANT WANNABE MYSTIC HOAX from another time.

If he were alive today, he would, no doubt, have his OWN "YouTube" channel and "Website",

and be living off of the money given to him by Conspiracy Theorist Fools, and other VERY STUPID AND GULLIBLE people.

He NOT ONLY caused "Misinformation & Death" in HIS OWN "Time", INCLUDING the "Death" of HIS OWN WIFE AND CHILDREN, but CONTINUES to "Sucker In", the STUPID WEAK MINDED AND GULLABLE, from OUR TIME TOO!

NOWHERE in the Dribble of Nostradamus did he EVER "Nail Down" the specific date of September 11th 1999!

And the following , "Supposed Quatrain" wasn't even written by Nostradamus, but was a COMPLETE MODERN FABRICATION "Circulated" on the Internet

Two steel birds will fall from the sky on the Metropolis"

um sorry Dumb Asses, but YOU, are OBVIOUSLY NOT "Metallurgists" or "Aviation Engineers", because Jet Airplanes are NOT made of "Steel"!]

And The Roman Catholic Church, NEVER BANNED the writings of NostraDumbAss EITHER!

I imagine that they wrote him off as just ONE of "Many Other" BLITHERING IDIOTS!

NostraDipShit's FIRST career was as a Medical Research Doctor TRYING to stop the "Black Death", but his "Cause" was cut short when there was an outbreak of the Black Death in HIS location,

and he went FLEEING into the countryside to save his own life!
How can you trust a Fool to make accurate predictions into the "Distant Future" when THIS "Clown" couldn't even forsee events that "Occured" literally IN HIS FACE, in REAL TIME?

He then spent the next "Seven Years" as a self proclaimed "Healer" in the "Arts" of lost remedies from the "Past", in other words, A FRAUD!

Afterword, he decided to try to pursue a more "Formal" Medical Career again, and enrolled at Montpellier Medical University,
only to be expelled less than a year later, and "Denounced" as a QUACK!

Oh, but it gets BETTER than ALL OF THAT, he returned to the "Olde Black Death" topic, and "Billed" Himself as a Pharmacist who had developed a fragrant concoction of herbs that would prevent the Black Death,
but shortly after this "Discovery", Nostradamus's, OWN WIFE AND CHILDREN caught the "Black Death" AND DIED!
Well THAT "Worked Out" real well, DIDN'T IT!

After a continued FAILURE at TRYING to present himself as a Medical "Black Death Plague Professional",
Nostradamus was DOCTOR DEATH!"Doctor Death" later MARRIED some "Wealthy Lonely & Gullable Widow", and changed his career direction, reinventing himself as a "Weather Forcasting Astrologer"!

He was an UTTER FAILURE as an
Bat Shit Crazy Delusional Nut Jobs! "Interplanetary Moonbat",
trying to make long range predictions of "Weather and Climate Change",

The "Key Word" here, is the "Repeated Theme" of FAILURE!],
interwoven into his FAULTY "Long Range Weather Forcasts", were these sidelines of Abstract Dribble, that would be "Morphed" into the "Vague & Unfocused" claptrap of nonsense that we all know of today as his "Quatrains"!

The SHORT Story?
"Michel de Nostradame",

End of story!

But hey, maybe we can ACTUALLY LEARN something from "Nostradamus"
So "Here" is MY FIRST "Quatrain"!

Stupid people believing anything, as it was from a 14th Century Hack, to a Modern One Term and Twice Impeached President, American Traitor and Failed Reality TV Star, the cycle repeats"

Now I TRIED to keep it "Vague", and I didn't mention any "Actual Names". I can't make this "Too Obvious" because I don't want to be EXPOSED and PERSECUTED by the "Deep State", or the "New World Order".

How did I "Do"?

[ Chuck Glisson ]