We are an original rock band based out of the Kitsap county area of Washington State, USA(thats the Washington on the WEST coast for those of you who get that one mixed up). We do NOT wish to be associated with the wrong area.

This band is the classic four-piece;
A Vocalist(Mike),
Bass Guitarist(Tim),
and our "AWESOME" new Drummer Nancy!

The music tends to be heavy, psychedelic, and somewhat bluesy. Unlike the current trends in popular rock music, we "DO" possess an acute mastery of our instruments, and make no apology for it(alright we're sorry!), as a result considerable instrumental work is highlighted in our compositions, resulting in a progressive, expiremental, and free flowing feel. We are a band that goes on the philosophy "a sum of all parts",,,,,,"less is more" does not apply here!, which puts us against the grain, but that's ok

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