Did Tea Party musical group; "We the Band"
commit copyright infringement against;
Stephen Stills?

On April 15, 2011, I witnessed a musical group known as "We the Band" perform at a Tea Party Rally at Pioneer square in Portland Oregon. One of the last songs they performed that evening was a "Buffalo Springfield" song written by "Stephen Stills" entitled "For what it's Worth". The band altered the lyrics to change the scope of the song from an "Anti War" theme to a personal political attack against Progressives and Liberals.

Video shot, edited & owned by; McJohnsonsGirl

I pose [4] questions;

1. Would Stephen Stills approve of someone using his music to promote "Tea Party" politics?
2. Would Stephen Stills approve of someone changing the lyrics of this song to alter it's orginal meaning and social purpose.
3. Does Stephen Stills know this band is using his song at live performances?
4. Can someone contact Stephen Stills, or his management/attorneys, and ask THEM questions; 1, 2 & 3?

[Portland Activists Vs The Koch Machine]