New Blackfoot band, with NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS?

Pictured above is a solid line up of Blackfoot featuring founding members, with the exception of Christoph Ullmann who joined after the passing drummer Jakson Spires, and Bobby Barth, who fronted the band due to Rickey Medlocke's decision to play for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The classic all original line-up, left to right; Jakson Spires, Rickey Medlocke , Charlie Hargrett, and Greg T. Walker

Rickey Medlocke / Greg T. Walker / Charlie Hargrett / Jakson Spires

Bobby Barth and Christoph Ullmann
[Honorable Mention]

Bobby Barth joined Blackfoot in 2004, as the Lead Singer/Guitarist, until his departure in 2010, he maintains a website at; "".
Christoph Ullmann joined Blackfoot on drums, after original drummer Jakson Spires passed away suddenly in 2006.

Somehow, for 2012, through what must be some kind of back stabbing "legal" maneuver,
are currently IN the band, as Rickey Medlocke is promoting "fraudulant replacements", as Blackfoot!
[Rickey Medlocke even replaced himself!]

[ Philip ShouseSean Chambers - lead vocals, guitar / Tim Rossi - guitar, vocals / Brian Carpenter - bass, vocals / Christopher WilliamsMatt Anastasi - drums, vocals ]

The REAL official Blackfoot Web site [] is gone!

I can understand line up changes, but this is BULL$hit!

Charlie Hargrett has a good history of Blackfoot, on his website; ""
Wikipedia seems to cover Blackfoot quite well at; "Blackfoot(band)"

Here is an awesome interview with Greg T. Walker [in 4 parts] from 2011;

The remaining ORIGINAL members,[minus TRAITOR MEDLOCKE], have reunited with a project of their own; "Fired Guns"


If you are interested, you could go to the Web Site of the current "Official " Blackfoot Band; [Official, with NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS? What a concept!]

I'll pass, I'm sticking to MY memories of the REAL THING, thank you very much!