Merwin Tap is CRSP

Beer Goggles Won't Help!

Hard Rock Band with an
gets SHUT DOWN by the "Abusive Manager" of a

We had a "Gig" at the Merwin Tap Tavern in Woodland Washington, on Sunday, March 11th, 2011. This was a "Return Engagement", having played there twice before [seven months prior, and with the 1st time being about a year before that], but THIS TIME, the Merwin Tap had a NEW MANAGER, a wasted old abassive prick named "GUY".

Everything went fine until we got to a couple of songs that had a specific message against domestic violence. Upon starting the second song, Guy runs up to the stage, noticeably shaken, red in the face, and obviously OUT OF CONTROL, he grabs MY GUITAR by THE NECK, and tells me that "WE ARE DONE". I told him if he Didn't remove "His Hands" from the neck of MY Guitar, he would "Regret" it.

[those were NOT my "Exact" words, use your imagination].

We asked WHY he ordered us to stop, and his reply was that it "just didn't sound right".

[A little background information that I became privy to;
Some people seem to suggest that there are some "Issues", concerning him and a woman he is in a "Relationship" with, the relationship is NOT very "Romantic", would be putting it "Mildly", it certainly would explain his reaction to the message in the two songs! I am not one to point fingers, BUT in THIS case his "Issues" had a direct UNWANTED impact on ME!]

UPDATE: In response to a Craigslist posting I made concerning this event, I received an Email that claims Guy's "Real" name is "Tom", and that Tom has a "Past", a pattern that would explain why he took issue with the two songs; "Incognito", and "Apple of his Eye",
[BOTH songs dealing with bringing awareness to Domestic Violence].

Guy ALSO threatened me with VIOLENCE on several occasions that evening, each time I told him to take the FIRST SWING. One time he threatened to call THE POLICE on me AFTER He "Threatened" ME!, [yea, clear thinker isn't he].
I told him to make up his mind!

Guy also attempted to harass me while I was breaking down my gear, I ordered him off the stage, he told me it was HIS stage, I told HIM that it was MY stage until I got MY GEAR packed and moved out of the bar, and further told him that I would call 911 if he did not leave me alone, he laughed at me and dared me to call the police as he slinked off to the other side of the bar.

As I left the bar for the final time, Guy followed me out to the parking lot with FIVE of his "Friends". As I was standing by my car, with my wife next to me, Guy yelled; "I am more of a man than you will ever be". I replied back that if he wanted to beat me up, the odds couldn't be better for a big man like him.

The REAL LAUGH was his NEXT comment; "Don't ever think about playing music in, or even stepping in this bar again!" My response was; "How STUPID can YOU BE? Are you REALLY THINKING that I would ever WANT to enter THIS DUMP AGAIN? At this point, my "Last" comment seemed to piss off his "Backup" and they started getting "Riled Up"[just like a scene from one of those "Western Movies"]. So I asked Guy if I needed to dial 911, Guy said just get off the property, and started to usher his THUGS back into the bar.

Guy and some of the "Special Breed" of people present that night insulted MY WIFE[our singer and songwriter], AND THIS BAND! Guy was VERY DISRESPECTFUL to a band that writes music for important causes.

Now hear this, and "Hear" it GOOD! I am NOT going to let the PATHETIC "Guys"[or TOMS] of this world STOP MY MUSIC!

Why did I decide to author this Web Page? Out of spite? You BETCHA! But ask yourself this, do you WANT to patronize a bar that treats people like this? I am calling on ALL bar patrons, and ALL musicians to BOYCOTT the MERWIN TAP!

UPDATE #2; It would Appear, that the "Merwin CRAP" has gone

[Everybody go; "Awwwwww"!]

So where can the "White Trash Poser Wannabes" & the "Gutter Slut Hoes" who Normally "Infest" the Merwin Tap go NOW to "Congregate"?

[Chuck Glisson]