Whiners and Deniers,

Stop Harsh Internet Trolls [S.H.I.T], is an organization set to Identify and Expose;

1] "Puppet" Internet Personalities "In Mass", via
Troll Farms"
Web Brigades",
attempting to create Falsely Inflated Illusions to what otherwise would be "Unpopular" and "Politically Motivated" Views,
2] Clandestine Organizations projecting Fake "Causes" with a Faux Front, for a "Hidden Political Agenda"!

Both "Commonly" working "In Tandom" to achieve what is "Nothing Less" than PROPAGANDA!

The "Stop Harsh Internet Trolls" organization, WILL get the S.H.I.T "Out" there for ALL to SEE,
and S.H.I.T. will be ALL OVER these "Agent Provocateurs"

The "Culprits";

The Foundation for Individual Rights & Expression[F.I.R.E.]

Is an organization that POSES as Defenders of "Freedom Of Speech" on College Campuses.
What they REALLY are is a HIT GROUP against any LIBERAL "Freedom Of Speech"! With "Funding" by such Right Wing Hack groups as;
The Koch Brothers"
The State Policy Network
do you REALLY THINK that they are "Unbiased" or "Apolitical"?
These "Vermin" run an EXTENSIVE publicity campaign on
Farcebook, and they even throw in what "Seemlingly" appear to be "Liberal Defenses" too, but it is just a RUSE, in an ATTEMPT to "Appear" to be "Apolitical & Unbiased", which only FURTHER serves to show just HOW "Dishonest & Manipulative" that they TRULY ARE!

Second Eye Solutions[S.E.S]
; Forwarderz]


Is a Pakistani Organization that directed their agents, "In Mass" in an attempt to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election to favor Donald Trump, at the direction of the leadership of the Russian Government.
BOTH Organizations operated by Pakistani Nationals,

Mujtaba Raza & Mohsin Raza

Mujtaba & Mohsin Raza.

Americans for Public Trust

Americans for Public Trust is guilty of a Dark Money scheme.

This Virginia group, while billing itself as a "Nonprofit & Nonpartisan" Watchdog group, has solicited MILLIONS, while pushing "Republican Aligned" messaging. Guess What? Besides being "Unethical", it ALSO happens to fall under the description of "Dark Money", which is,
Thus prompting Yet ANOTHER "Watchdog Group",
The Campaign for Accountability ,

Campaign for Equality

to file an "Ethics" claim against them in Court!

The Russian Internet Research Agency

A Russian Internet Research Agency Hub.
St. Petersburg Russia.

THIS, is the GRANDADDY, of the source of the MAJORITY of the Right Wing Trolls seen plugging the major Social Media Websites on the Internet.
These are RUSSIAN EMPLOYED "9 to 5" OVER-SEAS HACKS "Masquerading" as AMERICANS, and posting "Anti Democratic" & "Pro Republican" garbage on the internet!

An interesting "Footnote" is that it has been observed, that "Their Activity" DROPS DRASTICALLY during RUSSIAN HOLIDAYS!
These ASS HOLES are paid via "Piece Work", as in "Per Post", kind of a "Built In" incentive plan to promote "Efficiency".

Project Veritas

Project Varitas Propaganda Hacks!

Project Veritas "Markets" itself as an authority for recognizing
"Journalistic Excellence",
when in FACT, it is NOTHING but a
"Right Wing Propaganda"!
They are ALSO responsible for targeting Non Conservative Groups & Individuals with "Staged Set-Ups" and "Swift Boat" tactics. Remember the demise of the Voting Advocacy Group "
It was PROJECT VERITAS who "Destroyed" them with LIES, and by the time everyone discovered it was a "Set-Up", it was already "Too Late", Swift Boating Indeed!
With a SCUZ like
James O'Keefe at the helm as their MAIN "Agent Provocateur", clandestine dirty tricks is the "Modus Opperandi" at Veritas;

James O'Keefe is a SCUZ.

Project Veritas just "Tried" to "Set-Up"
by attempting to DUP the paper into "Taking A Fall" via trying to "Con" them into printing a "False Story", from a
in the form of a LYING BITCH named
Jaime T. Phillips ;

Jaime T. Philips is a GUTTER SLUT!

and her FAKE STORY of;
having an abortion when she was 15, after sexual encounters with Disgraced Judge, Sexual Predator, Barrack Obama "Berther Conspiracist" and Failed Alabama Republican Senatorial Candidate
Roy Moore;

Roy Moore is a FOSSIL COCK!

But Washington Post investigation of the story revealed "Inconsistancies", and further digging turned up THE PLOT, and Project Veritas got "Busted" THIS TIME!

Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens[N.A.E.B.C.

Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens BUSTED!

Here is an example of The Russian Internet Research Agency branching OUT from
"False Identity Trolling", and venturing IN to
"Fake News Programs"
Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens came RIGHT OUT of "Their"

A Russian Internet Research Agency Hub.

U.S. prosecutors have reported that THIS "Fake" News Agency played a "Key Role" in Russian efforts to sway the 2016 election in favor of President Donald Trump, and "Tried" to influence U.S. voters ahead of the 2020 election as well.

Facebook and Twitter exposed THIS
"Fake Media Outlet"
in September of 2020.

The Family Research Council[F.R.C.

The Family Research Council is a VIOLATION of the SEPARATION of CHURCH & STATE

The "Family Research Council" TRIES to claim "Family Values" as it's "Core Cause", but it is REALLY just ANOTHER "Right Wing" Propaganda HATE Group.
What it HAS "Done", is to Successfully Claim
before THE IRS!
Can WE "Say", a
of the SEPARATION of
Headed by their President,
Tony Perkins a Pseudo Southern Baptist Pastor with "Ties" to the Klu Klux Klan

Pseudo Pastor Tony Perkins.

they "Target" in particular, LGBT Rights, and refer to "Pride Month" as the "Rainbow Onslaught"!
The FRC has pushed for legislation banning "Gender-Affirming Surgery", fought for the overturning of "Roe v. Wade", and advocated for "Religious Exemptions" to "Civil Rights Laws".
The Family Research Council has Nothing to do with "Family Values", and EVERYTHING to do with being a "Political Action Committee" for
Make NO BONES about it, THEIR "Goal", is to transform OUR "Government" into a

The Russian Main Intelligence Directorate[AKA; The "GRU"]

GRU Flag.

The Russian Main Intelligence Directorate["GRU"],
a Subsidiary of:
"The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation",
and reputedly Russia's LARGEST "Foreign-Intelligence" Agency.
It uses
"Coordinated Cyber Attacks & Hacking"
to target "People and Institutions" throughout the World, "Including", AND ESPECIALLY the "United States".
They have downloaded potentially damaging information and released it to the public via "
WikiLeaks", and under various aliases including "DCLeaks", and "Guccifer 2.0
while "Coordinating" CLOSELY with "Online Trolls", primarily, but NOT "Exclussively", from Russia's
Internet Research Agency

Satanic Russian Troll

The "Combined Effort" is to take advantage of the deepening "Political Polarization" & "Racial Tensions" in the U.S., via the stagging and manipulation of "Flash Mobs" & "Activist Campaigns", while ANNOUNCING the events to "Opposing Groups", at the
"Same Times and Locations",
solely for the purpose of "Setting-Up" Conflicts!

WHO is shaking THE JAR?

The Clairmont Institute

Bat Shit Crazy Delusional Nut Jobs! Clairmont Institute are LOONS! Bat Shit Crazy Delusional Nut Jobs!

The Clairmont Institute "Banks" on the confusion it gets by using a name similar to that of an existing well respected University, but "Higher Learning" is NOT what THIS "Institute" is "All About"!
THEIR "mission", as its president, Ryan Williams, recently put it, is to
"Save Western Civilization!"
"Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory"
and they have "Billionare Doners" with "Deep Pockets" to help move the message along! This is truly an Unhinged Group of
"Bat Shit Crazy Delusional Nut Jobs!"

The BIGGEST Fruitbat in The Orchard!

and with donors like
The DeVoses of West Michigan,
The Bradleys of Milwaukee,
The Scaifes of Pittsburgh,

Financing from Bat Shit Crazy Doners!

they are well financed to put out a SHIT-LOAD of "Bad Misinformation", and "Wreck" HAVOC on TRUTH!

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is NOTHING but THUGS

The Heritage Foundation "Brands" itself as a BEACON of the
"Intellectual Conservative Establishment",
and at ONE time, THAT description Could have been
"Up For Debate"!
In the Early Days of the 80's Conservative Movement Boom, "Heritage" DID promote "Some Progressive" Ideology.
In fact, a Federally Mandated Healthcare Initiative was ONE of those "Ideas".
But "Those" days are LONG GONE!
The Heritage Foundation actually fought LONG AND HARD in the attempt to DEFEAT a Federally Mandated Healthcare Initiative, when it became a cornerstone of President Barrack Obama's Administration!


Fast Forward to 2016, the Heritage Foundation was the ONLY foundation to Initially "Sign On" to the Presidential Candidacy of Donald Trump, and since then they have DETERIORATED into being NOTHING MORE than a "Bullying Extention" to the Political Arm of Donald Trump!

Cult #45

"Funding of Primary Challenges",
& "Campaigning Against"
GOP Incombants who DON'T "Bow Down" to the Authority of Donald Trump, plus denying access to Abortion & Birth Control, and attacking Civil Rights, has become the "Modus Opperandi", and the "Legacy" of The Heritage Foundation NOW!

Donald Trump[AKA; B.U.F.F.]

Donald Trump is BUFF, (A Big Ugly Fat Fucker!)

"Direct Donation Harvesting",
Pay To Play Campaign Rallys",
thru FAUX CAUSES like
"The Wall",
"Charity Scams"
and EVEN having
"The GOP Paying HIS Legal Fees",
and convincing Some Christians that he was
"Sent By God!",
this "Snake Oil Salesman" is the ULTIMATE POSTERBOY for the term; CON ARTIST!

S.H.I.T. will HIT THE FAN!

Shit hits THE FAN!

[Chuck Glisson]