"Russia SUCKS!" =
Russia SUCKS!
Russian Military and Vladimir Putin are LOSERS
Get your "Russian Military" and "Vladimir Putin" bashing on HERE!

Question; If you come across a Russian Military Convoy that was devastated by an attack, what is the best way to identify the survivors?
Answer; You stab each "Body" with a pitchfork, and the ones that "Scream" WERE ALIVE!

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Question; If Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Kim Jong-Un jump off a cliff, who wins?

Answer; Mankind!

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Question; What is 80 feet wide and has 22 teeth?
Answer; A Company of Russian Soldiers standing in formation!

Question; What kind of animal has an ass hole in the middle of it's back?
Answer; Any horse owned by a RUSSIAN!

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Question; Why is Putin mad?
Answer; Because no one voted for him in the last election!

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Question; What is Vladimir Putin's favorite song?
Answer; Crimea River!

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Question; How does a Russian man know when the foundation of his house is "Level"?
Answer; "Drool" comes out of BOTH SIDES of HIS WIFE'S MOUTH!

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Question; Why did Donald Trump convert to Judaism?
Answer; Because he heard that Vladimir Putin likes to drink vodka with "Orange Jews"!

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Question; What does a "Smart Russian", and a "Unicorn" have in common?
Answer; Non-Existance!

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Question; What is 150 yards long and eats potatoes?
Answer; Grocery Shoppers in Russia waiting in line to buy meat!

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Question; Did you hear about the Russian Woman who won a "Beauty Contest"?
Answer; Yeah, ME NEITHER!

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Question; What does a Russian bride get from her husband on her wedding day that is long and hard?
Answer; A new last name!

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Question; Why couldn't Jesus have been born in Russia?
Answer; They wouldn't be able to find "Three Wise Men", or a VIRGIN!

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Videos, Links, & MEMES concerning VLADIMIR PUTIN, & his PATHETIC MILITARY;

Russian Web Brigades; Putin Sponsored Foriegn "Troll Farms" spreading Misinformation in the U.S.A.!

Republicans are TRAITORS!

How the RepubliSCUMS spent DECADES "Cozying Up" to "Putin’s" Kremlin!

Russia's hilariously bad excuses for why everything sucks after Vladimir Putin waged war on Ukraine!


Ukraine Update: Still trying to figure out why Putin's army SUCKS ASS!

Russia's Collapse is FAR WORSE than you think;

A UK Village ERECT a "Penis Headed" statue of Vladimir Putin!

Say NO to; Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin!

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RUSSIA SUCKS merchandise available @ "Etsy"!

Trump & Putin 

Vladimir Putin is a Pedophile, and a Psychopathic Killer!

I wipe MY ASS with the RUSSIAN FLAG!

"Putins Way", a Frontline Documentary;

Meet the "Pro-Putin" RepubliCONS and CONservatives!


Why are the RepubliSCUMS taking PUTIN'S "Side"?

"Vladimir POOtin" Action Figure available @ "Etsy";

NPR "State of Ukraine" Podcasts.

Republicans Putin America First.

Thom Hartmann; How VLADIMIR PUTIN "Controls" THE GOP;

Tulsi Gabbard FALSLY CLAIMS that the United States is NOT so different from Russia on "Freedom Of Speech"!

Accused Russian Agent "Elena Brandon" gave to [1] politician, TULSI GABBARD!

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman calls Tulsi Gabbard an Agent of Russian Disinformation!

Tulsi Gabbard is a PIG!

Tulsi Gabbard & Rand Paul are placed on a list of PROPAGANDISTS by UKRAINE!

Tulsi Gabbard's High School Photo.

Ukraine liberates "Kherson", & Russia loses BIG AGAIN!

Ukraine war: Bodies found amid reports of Russian atrocities in Kherson!

Flipping off Vladimir Putin.

Is Russia REALLY "Great"? [A "Historical/Hysterical" perspective];

Why Russia's Military is SO SHABBY!

Dogs PISS on Vladimir Putin

Putin is a DICK!

Russia is a Terrorist State!

Meet the Foreign Troll Farms being PAID to TEAR AMERICA APART!;

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Why Russia SUCKS;

Russia's hilariously bad excuses for why everything sucks after Vladimir Putin waged war on Ukraine.

Ukraine War: "Vladimir Putin is a FUCKER, he should quit killing civilians!" says a Ukrainian Grandmother;

A NEW Beer, "Putin is a DICK" Lager brewed by "Torchlight Brewing"!

Why won't social media stop "Tokyo Roses" from destroying our democracy?;

May Vladimir Putin "Rot" in HELL!

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Stephen Colbert: "There’s a reason why the Russian Army is getting its Ass Kicked, IT SUCKS"!

Why PUTIN SUCKS on "Sam Seder"!

Putin is a murderer, a thief, and a scum!

Trump kissed Putin's ASS!

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Pencil in Putin


Can we all agree that Russia’s Putin is a "Bad Guy"?

Not tonight, I have a Bone Spur!

The DICTATOR PUTIN "Facebook" Group!


Trump CAN'T CONTROL HIMSELF around Putin!

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy does NOT have Bone Spurs!

"12 Reasons" why RUSSIA SUCKS!

Hey Vladimir Putin, KILL YOURSELF!

The "Fall", of VLADIMIR PUTIN?

Russia faces "War Crime Accusations" as Civilian Casualties Grow!

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
need ammunition, NOT a Ride!

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Russia & Belarus is Europe's WHITE TRASH!

Vladimir Putin "Falls" after a Ice Hockey match!

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Putin got Trump elected because Trump is STUPID!

Russia's Military looks like the ULTIMATE "Paper Tiger"!

Vladimir Putin is SHIT!

Retired Army Colonel Vindman RIPS The GOP for their "Cheerleading" FOR VLADIMIR PUTIN!

PUTIN SUCKS @ "cigar.com"!

Lt Col Vindmam is a HERO, Donald Trump is a TRAITOR!

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Behead Vladimir Putin!

Captured Russian Occupiers DEEPLY REGRET coming to Ukraine[Subtitles]

WATCH: Putin falls FLAT ON HIS FACE in front of THOUSANDS Of Hockey Fans!

Lt Col Vindmann is a HERO, Donald Trump is a COWARD!

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Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's PUPPET!

Ukrainian Drone HITS "Russian Missile Launchers" North of Kyiv!

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Stephen Colbert has a question FOR "Donald Trump", ABOUT "Vladimir Putin"!

The F☆UCK PUTIN'S RUSSIA "Facebook" Group!

Vladimir Putin got Donald Trump elected president!

Hackers make Russian charging Stations display

GOP Traitors kiss Putin's ASS!

Russia, gets a "Taste", of its OWN MEDICINE, as hackers "Target" the country!

Vladimir Putin mirrors Adolf Hitler!

Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin during State of the Union Address, while GOP act as TRAITORS!

Pussy Riot founder uses art and ashes as ammo for an "Anti-Putin" exhibit!

Target Moscow for BOMBING!

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Vladimir Putin is an ASS HOLE!

Just "Another Day" in RUSSIA!

"Like turkeys at a shooting range": Mauling of Russian forces in Donetsk hotspot may signal problems to come!

Just SHOOT yourself, Vladimir Putin

Bounty on Vladimir Putin? Russian Businessman puts up $1,000,000 for Putin’s arrest!

Vladimir Putin in The Crosshairs!

Is Vladimir Putin at risk of being assassinated?

Hang Vladimir Putin!

Putin "Coup", is underway and IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP says Ukraine's "Military Intelligence Chief"!

Trump in bed with Putin

One of the world’s DEADLIEST SNIPERS arrives in Ukraine to FIGHT PUTIN;


Vladimir Putin, is a DICK HEAD!

Four horrifying things you "Need To "Know" about VLADIMIR PUTIN!

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Russian Military's "Corruption Quagmire"!

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Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump are LOVERS!

DEATH to Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin; I'd LOVE to see him get HIS BRAINS BASHED OUT!

Nuke Russia till IT GLOWS!

[ Chuck Glisson ]