Rockman Information Hub

Rockman Information Hub

[An introduction to "Rockman" gear.]

WDRV's Behind The Song
[Boston's Tom Scholz & his Rockman.]

An introduction to Rockman guitar gear, repair and modification resources, plus a Rockman Internet forum.

[An OnLine Forum for "Everything Rockman".]

An Ode to Rockman
[An edititoial of Rockman Technology.]

More than a Feeling

Just another band out of Boston

[The Official "Boston" Website.]

Piece of Mind

[The source for everything "Boston" for over 20 years!]

Gonna Hitch a Ride
[The "Band Boston" Fan Site.]

Boston's Tom Shultz; The Return of Rockman
[Discussing the release of Boston's 6th album after an 11 Year Hiatus.]

Long Time

Boston’s "Recording Process"
[An interview with Tom Schulz @ 04.09.2017]

The "Official" Boston Facebook Page

Exclusively Boston
[An "OnLine" 24/7 commercial free radio station dedicated exclusively to Boston.]

Scholz Research & Development

[Chuck Glisson]