Great TV on The Airwaves

Great TV on the Airwaves.

Awesome programing available without Cable Subscription Service

[All times "Pacific"]

On CoziTV;

The Munsters
Sundays @ 4pm thru 6pm.

Mon-Sat @ 3pm thru 4pm.

On MeTV;

Leave it to Beaver
Mornings @ 8am & 8:30am.

The Twilight Zone
Mornings @ 12:30am.

Star Trek
Saturdays @ 10pm.

Gilligan's Island
Sundays @ 4pm & 4:30pm.

Popeye & Pink Panther
Saturdays @ 7am.
Tom & Jerry
Saturdays @ 8am.

Bugs Bunny & Friends
Saturdays @ 9am.

The Flintstones
Sundays @ 6am thru 7am.

The Jetsons
Sundays @ 7:30am.

Sun-Fri @ 7pm & 7:30pm.

The Andy Griffith Show
Weeknights @ 8pm & 8:30pm,
and Sundays @ 6pm & 6:30pm.

Gomer Pyle USMC
Weeknights @ 9pm.

The Beverly Hillbillys
Saturdays @ 6am & 6:30am.

Saturdays @ 8pm.

The Ed Sullivan show
Sundays @ 10pm.

The Dick Van Dyke Show
Sundays @ 11pm & 11:30pm.


Night Gallery
Saturdays @ 11am thru 2:30pm.

The Outer Limits
Weekdays @ 7pm & 8pm.

Ray Bradbury Theater
Sundays @ 11am thru 2:30pm.

On CrimeTV;

Cold Case Files
This show is "Randomly Scheduled" at BEST!
Sometimes it runs as MARATHON BLOCKS for 8+ Hours Straight, then at Other times, it goes days without being featured at all, TRULY the perverbial
"Hit or Miss" Situation.

The Last 24hrs
Mon-Thur @ 4pm,
and Friday @ 4pm & 4:30pm.

City Confidential
Daily @ 1am.

"Locked-Up" Abroad
Thurs-Fri @ 3pm,
and Sundays @ 8pm thru 11pm.

Sundays @ 4pm & 5pm,
Mondays @ 7am thru 12pm,
and 5pm & 6pm.
Tuesdays @ 7am & 8am,
12pm & 1pm,
and 5pm thru 7pm.

Wednesdays @ 7am & 8am,
12pm & 1pm,
and 5pm thru 7pm.
Thursdays @ 12pm,
and 6pm & 7pm.
Fridays @ 7am thru 2pm.

On MysteryTV;

Unsolved Mysteries
Thursdays @ 10pm
thru 1am,
and Fridays @ 2am thru 5am

1st 48 Hours

Wednesdays @ 12pm thru 11pm.

Forensic Files
Sundays @ 12am thru 5:30am.


Wednesdays @ 9pm,
Fridays @ 2am,
and Sundays @ 11am

Austin City Limits
Sundays @ 4am.

PBS News Hour
Mon-Fri @ 7pm,
Saturdays @ 4pm & 5:30pm,
and Sundays @ 5:30pm.

BBC World News
Mon-Fri @ 5:30am
& 6:30pm.

On AntennaTV;

Dennis The Menace
Weekdays @ 7am & 7:30am,
Saturdays @ 3pm & 3:30pm,
and Sundays @ 4am & 4:30am.

The Johnny Carson Show
Weeknights @ 7pm.

On Get TV

All in the Family
Mon-Fri @ 8am & 8:30am, and 9pm thru 11pm,
and Saturdays @ 2am & 2:30am.

Sanfred & Son

Mon-Fri @ 11pm & 11:30pm.

On LaffTV;

That 70's Show
Weekdays @ 6pm thru 7:30pm.
Saturdays @ 12pm
thru 1:30am,
and Sundays @ 6pm thru 7:30pm.

Worlds Funniest Videos
Mon-Thurs @ 10am thru 11:30am.
Fridays @ 11:30pm,
4am & 4:30am.
Saturdays @ 10am
thru 11:30am,
and 11pm & 11:30pm,
and 4am
& 4:30am.
Sundays @ 10am thru 11:30am,
and 6pm thru 7:30pm,
and 11pm & 11:30pm.

[ Chuck Glisson ]