Northwest Right Wing Nut Jobs!
You've got tp be the BIGGEST FRUITBAT in the O

Identifying the Right Wing
"Faux Pundits & Agent Provocateurs"
in the Pacific Northwest.

Victoria Taft is DAFT!

Victoria Taft WAS a "Conservative Radio Talk Show Commentator" in Portland Oregon.
No, she didn't "Die", [unfortunately], she just lost her 8 Year "Gig' on
Radio KPAM 680AM in 2013.

[Everybody go; "Awwwww"!]

Not that it really "Mattered", [to Portlanders!], how many listeners would she Really have "had" over the PORTLAND airwaves anyway?

I got the "Opportunity" to "Hear" her when we "Both" made an "Appearence" at the
2011 Tea Party Tax Day Rally in Portland Oregon. She was one of the "Guest Speakers", and I was one of the "Uninvited Counter Protesters"!
In fact the sign below was MINE!

And here is "Daffy Taffy" even ACKNOWLEDGING my Sign as documented by Victoria Taft from HER Blog Site in the;
Portland Tea Party Archives"!

Victoria is still "Out There" spreading her "Vitriol". The "Old Bat" maintains the "Aforementioned Blog" at
You can also read her "Mindless Tweets" on her
TWITter account.
Or you could "Friend" Daffy Victoria on her
Facebook page.

The Washougal Moms ["Drama Mommas" that "Misbehave" like IMMATURE SPOILED BRATS!]

Now HERE are a couple of "Braindead Bimbos", that CALL themselves,
"The Washougal Moms".
[ #WashougalMoms ]

So who ARE these "Imbeciles"?

"Patricia Bellamy",
"Melissa Mcwain"
of Washougal Washington.

So, "What" ARE they?

"They", are a couple of
Christain Conservative Extremist CRACK POTS!
who like to;
☆ Disrupt School Board Meetings
☆ Vandalize Private Property.

They ALSO participate in "Harrassment" via DOXING!

Yup, a couple of "Certified"; #DramaMommas

I "Know" this, FIRSTHAND, because THEY, "Doxed" ME!

But, "Fear" NOT, because THEY, have
to the
Case No# 21-191266]

Now, I think that if "They", KNEW, of "My Degree" of Activism, and the existance of THIS PAGE, they probably would have had "Second Thoughts" before making the poor decision" to "Dox" ME!

But THAT, is called "Hindsight", and you don't GET a "Redo" after you ALREADY MADE, the "Stupid" decision.

Update; The "Washougal Moms", who's "Modus Opperandi" is Harrassment and Intimidation, via, Disruption of School Board Meetings, Verbal Abuse, Vandalism, and Doxing, have now threatened to take ME to court for;
"Harassment & Stalking"!

Never mind the fact that;

1. I haven't been in Washougal for OVER FIVE YEARS,
2. Unlike THEM, I did NOT publish THEIR "Personal Information", [Emails, Phone Numbers, Home Address], on the Internet, like THEY DID, to ME.
I DON'T HAVE their "Personal Information", and I DON'T WANT their "Personal Information"!

You can find out about ALL of their "RidiculASS Drama" with a simple "Google Search" of;
The Washaugal Moms"

Or, for a "Good Laugh" you can hear the "Latest" from these Airhead "Bimbos" THEMSELVES, at their "RidiculASS Website"


Update; It would appear that "The Washougal Moms" aformentioned Website is no longer ON the "Internet"!

Lew Waters [Also Known As; Loo Waters], Translation; "SEWAGE"!

Lew Waters is a Vancouver Washington based, bitter old, Right Wing "Hater", who does "Too Much" Blogging, and "Too Little" research. He is your Typical "Low Information" Conservative Baffoon!

I used to have some real "On Line" Knock-Down-Drag-Outs with Lew, before I was taken out of action by a 3 Year fight for my life against Cancer. [And if you Referee those bouts with an "Intellectual" Yardstick, I was the "Victor"!].

The VA Hospital SAVED my "Life". THAT, is the SAME "VA", that "Faux Pundits" like Lew Waters are tryng to DISMANTLE! Way to stick up for your "Fellow Veterans" Lew! [That, was "Sarcasm", BTW, Derp!]

Well, it appears that I won my "Fight For Life", and unfortunately for "Lew", he is BACK in "My Sights", because I have observed that "He" is STILL posting "Misinformation & Vitriol" on HIS "Sites"!

Lew Waters "still" remains active at his "Blog Site";
Right In a Left World
He also posts regularly on his
SHITter account.
Or you could interact with the "Old Fossil" on his
Facebook .

Dan Sandini [A "Dimwitt" Breitbart Wannabe!]

A short video featuring "Dan Sandini";

Dan Sandini is an ALL OUT Right Wing "Agent Provocateur", via STAGING "False Events", for the purpose of POSTING "Fake News".

I "Know" this, for a FACT, because I was an EYE WITNESS & I "Personally Saw" YOU, Dan Sandini, not ONLY "Bring" FAKE Counter Protester POSERS to the
2011 Tea Party Tax Day Rally Event",
in Portland Oregon for a "Staged Cameo", but I "Watched" the FAKE NEWS Documentation "Created" from this "Fiasco Production", [Dubbed; "
Astroturf"] posted by YOU on the "Internet".

The Staged Faux Arrival in the "Cargo Van" was a Nice Touch BTW.
You can NOT Explain THIS "One" away, "Danny Boy"!

I am "Publically" calling YOU OUT, Dan Sandini, as a

Hey Danny Boy, you should pose "Shirtless", chicks "Dig" that kind of thing, well on "Second" thought, maybe not "So Much", in YOUR case!

Dan Sandini posts his Propaganda on YouTube as;
Daylight Disinfectant
and on one of His Web Sites;
You could also interact with Danny "Fake News" Sandini on his Facebook page too, but be forewarned, THIS "Clown" is a REAL "Piece of Work"!

Janice Dysinger [A Local Right Wing Ding Bat Nut Job!]

Janice Dysinger generally keeps a "Low Profile". She is a covert "Under The Radar" type of operative who has worked closely with groups such as the "Oathkeepers", and the "Tea Party".

Janice Dysinger also is very involved with defending and promoting "Voter Supression" and "Disenfranchisement" causes within the State of Oregon.

Although Janice Dysinger "Prefers" to operate incognito, she is capable of striking with "Venom" if confronted. I crossed paths with her as an "Adversary" to the Tea Party, and found her to be bitter and mean spirited.

Janice Dysinger does not maintain a large "Presence" on the Internet, but she does post frequently to her
TWITter account.
She could also be approached with "caution" on her
Facebook page.

Ty Reddue [A "Total Disgrace" to us REAL "Patriots"!]

What can you "Say" about "Ty Reddue"? He is a "Real Dull Blade", a "Rounded Cube", a KNUCKLE DRAGGING DROID!

Ty believes that a Military Veteran has more "Insight" than "Others", but that only "Applies" to Veterans who agree "Politically" with HIM!

This clown makes the "Rounds" speaking at various "Consevative" Rallys & Demontrstions around the Portland area.

He may be "Stupid", but he is also, "Persistant & Wreckless", and THAT makes him potentually DANGEROUS!

The only "Real" representation this clod has on the internet, is his
Facebook page. Enjoy!

Lars Larson [He Sold "His Soul" to Conservatism, for BANK!]

Hey, if you are going to sell out to the "Devil", then you might as well "Make Bank" doing it, RIGHT?

Enter "Lars Larson" the local piece of Human Waste on "This List" who is "Doing" JUST THAT!

Lars HIT the "Main Vein", and has been RIDING that "Cash Cow" via
The Lars Larson Show on radio station KXL 101FM, Portland Oregon since 1997.

To sum it up, Lars Larson is at the TOP of "The Shit Pile", the TOP TURD, as it were!

Oh yeah, you can try to get "Buddy Buddy" with Lars on his Facebook page, if that's how you GET your "Jolly's".
Or if Stupid Tweets are your "Thing", then "Ole Lars" can feed you a LOT of those at hisTWITter account.

Alfred Hamilton [The fowl "Turkey Tycoon" behind that "Uncle Sam" Billboard!]

Alfred Hamilton, along with his wife, the "Ruthless Ruth", as well as [1] of [5] of their children, the "Sheepish Michael", were/are the "Family of FOOLS" behind that obnoxious Radical Right "Uncle Sam" billboard on the Washington I-5 Corridor, within the city limits of Chehelis Washington.

Alfred built the sign to "Appease" the "Ruthless Ruth", and "Sheeple Son Mike" has kept the stupid messages coming.

Going all the way back to 1971, the "Hamiltons" posted "Right Wing" messages on the board covering "Hot Button Topics" such as; Homosexuals, Russia, Abortion, Communism, Big Government, the United Nations, Gun Control, Democrats, Immigration and so on.

Alred Hamilton "Started Off" as a "Sheep Rancher", but soon decided to raise "Turkeys" instead, in a BIG way, producing between 20,000-30,000 birds a year.

Alfred Hamilton kind of became the "Big Man on Campus" in Chehelis, so to speak, as he started "Buying Up" Real Estate all over the town. You know the "Ribeye Steakhouse" & the "McDonalds" right off the intertstate, yup, they "Own" it!

Alfred's ruthless wife "Ruth" died in 2001, and Alfred himself "Passed Away" in 2004, but their "Sheeple Son Mikey" Hamilton continues the tradition to "This Day".

It would seem that "Alfred", the "Turkey Rancher" managed to leave behind a "Family" of HUMAN turkeys as his "Legacy".

David W. Hedrick [Disrespectful Loudmouth IDIOT, & Veteran of STOLEN VALOR!]

He's a big shit talker who likes to "Use" his "Marine Veteran", status as a "Political Tool".

Never mind the fact that his WHOLE Service consisted of "One" tour of duty in a "Non Combat" assignment in Okinawa, during the time when the "Only" US Combat Action was on the OTHER SIDE of the world in the Middle East!

Watch David Hedrick try to FLAUNT his "Stolen Valor", and just be a "Snotty Horses Ass" in this video;

What a disgrace to REAL American Military "Heroes" in "Particular", and in "General" terms, just a Worthless Pile of SHIT!

He tries to play himself off as some kind of "Local Tea Party Activist". This loser even tried to "Run" for Congress locally for the "3rd District" in 2010.

He's a Pathetic & Obnoxous Gasbag! If you "Take" from this rant, that I can't STAND this "Ass Hole", then you would be Correct!

You can visit this jerk's
Facebook page, or send this clod an Email .

Joey Gibson of "Patriot Prayer".

Joey Gibson was a 31 year old "Unknown" LOSER when he "founded" the Far Right Gang of THUGS, "
Patriot Prayer" in 2016.
Well congratulations Joey Gibson, you were able to elevate your "Status" to

There is NOTHING "Patriotic or Christian" about THIS "OxyMORONic Hippocrite"!
In reality, he would not "Stand a Prayers Chance", against a
REAL "Patriot"!

Unlike all the Other "Right Wing Nut Jobs" listed on this page, Joey Gibson IS a Volent Criminal who "Should" be "Doing", [and hopefully WILL be "Doing"], HARD TIME, as a CONVICTED FELON!

In August of 2019, Joey Gibson, & Five Other Members of "
Patriot Prayer" were arrested for their actions in connection with a riot that took place in Portland on May 1st. During that riot, the five "Accompices" entered the "Cider Riot Tavern" in portland, and ASSAULTED the PATRONS!

"One" of the victims, a woman, was beaten unconscious and suffered a "Broken Vertebrae"!
For Their "Parts" in the multable assaults Joey Gibson & the five accomplices, have subsequently been "
Formally Arraigned" on the charge of "Felony Rioting".

Just out of "Morbid Curiosity" you could check out Joey Gibson's
Facebook Page, or consenquently "Patriot Prayer's Facebook Page for that matter, as well as their
Official Webpage.

Update[Aug 4, 2020]; Don't bother visiting the Facebook pages of "Joey Gibson" or "Patriot Prayer", because Facebook took them DOWN, as documented by Reuters , in a move to remove "Violent Social Militias" from its social networks!

So, in Summary;
I don't "Pull Punches", I don't put on a "Facade",
and I am "Not Nice" to ASS HOLES

[ Chuck Glisson ]