My Guitar Pedalboards[Chuck Glisson].

My Three Guitar Effects Pedalboards.

The photo above shows the arrangement of my two "Floor" positioned Pedalboards.

Effects pedals dedicated to
"Pitch Shifting, Envelope Following & Wah"
are mounted on the board to the "Right",
while pedals dedicated to
"Drive, Volume, Harmonies & Modulation"
are mounted on the board to the Left.

The Pedalboard below sits atop my "Amp Heads"

"Pitch & Wah" Board;

The signal comes straight from the "Guitar", and enters the "Morpheus Bomber";

The Morpheus Bomber is a "Pedal Controled Pitch Shifter". It is capable of Pitch shifts over a "Five Octave" range, "Two Up" and "Three Down", WITHOUT "Glitches"!

It can "Do" these pitch shifts "Polyphonically", meaning that it can shift more than "One note" at the "Same Time". In fact, you can "Shift", WHOLE CHORDS, with NO GLITCHES!

Try doing THAT with a "Digitech Whammy". The "Short" answer, is that YOU CAN'T!

The "Next" pedal in the chain is an "Electro Harmonics" Micro Q-Tron

The "Micro Q-Tron" is an Envelope Follower/Filter, producing "Auto Wah Synth Sounds".

The third and final signal path on "This" board, is to an Early 70's "Colorsound Wah Wah"

This is in fact, my very FIRST PEDAL! I bought it "Used" at a Garage Sale, in 1978 for $12.50, when I was 18 Years old.

The "Colorsound Wah" has the unique feature of having a very "Long Throw". It has a much "Wider" frequency range than a "CryBaby" Wah.

You CAN "immulate" the sound of a "Crybaby" with the "Colorsound" IF you control how far you "Rock" the pedal, but you can also do "Wide Sweeps" on the "Colorsound' that the "Crybaby" can't reach.

To get an idea of what the "Colorsound" CAN do, listen to Brian Roberton's Guitar Solo on the Thin Lizzy song;
Don't Believe a word".

From "Here" the signal leaves "This" board, and enters the "Main" pedalboard.

"Drive & Modulation" Board;

The signal arrives on this board at a "Saturnworks" 3-Way active Splitter;

THIS pedalboard is basically "Central command", and the "Heart" of this board is located
"Front Row Center".
It is a "Three Way Switch" made by "Bright Onion Pedals"

The "Three Way Switcher" selects between
"Three Basic Drives";

✓ A "Clean" tone enhanced by a "Zoom AC-2" Acoustic Simulator, which provides "Level, Bass & Treble" controls, as well a "Reverb", "Selectable Acoustic Simulation", and a "Silent Tuner"

✓ A "Guyatone TD-1", REAL
"High Voltage Plate"
Tube Distortion Pedal that produces AUTHENTIC "Vintage Tube Distortion"

✓ A "Boss MT-2 Metal Zone" distortion pedal, modified to "My Specifications" by Chad Matthews[of "CMAT Mods"], using components purchased from Monte Allums;

This pedal produces BONE CRUSHING "Over The Top" supersaturated and scooped distortion.

[Thus concludes the "Drive Loop" via the "Bright Onion".]

The pedal following the "Bright Onion 3-Way Switch" is a "Donner Boost Killer" Volume Boost pedal, used primary for raising the volume level for "Lead Passages";

The next pedal in the signal chain is a "Boss HR-2 Harmonist";

This pedal is capable of reproducing up to Two "Intelligent Harmonies" or "Octave" accompaniments, "Above and/or Below" the notes being played, or can be set to produce "Chorus" effects

Now the path travels up to the "Upper Tier", and the next effect inline, is a "Yamaha FL-10MII" Flanger from the "Early 80's";

This unit is very vesatile, capable of anything from subtile almost "Chorus" effects, to "Wild", even to the point of "Self Oscillation".

It also produces a "Warm" tone, as far as "Flangers" go.

"Next" in line, is a "BBE Soul Vibe" Univide/Rotary Speaker Simulator

This is my "Robin Trower" in a BOX!

This thing produces EXCELLECT "Bridge of Sighs" or "Long Misty Days" tones.
You can also pull off David Gilmour's sound on "Breathe", as well as Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun".

Moving to the left is my "MXR Phase 95" pedal

The "Phase Effect" has created some of the most "recognizable" moments in rock, so "Diverse" it can be heard on recordings from "Lynyrd Skynyrd to Van Halen. THIS "Little Jem", with it's "Four Modes", can cover it ALL!

This "Next" pedal covers a LOT of "Territory".
The "Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man with Hazarai",
[Long name huh?]

It is "Officially" a Digital Delay Pedal, but not only can it "Cover" ALL forms of "Digital Delay", and simulate "Analog Delay", it can "Do" EVERYTHING from "Synth" sounds to "Flying Sausers".

In fact,
Whole Blogs & Sites"
and "Boat Loads" of YouTube Videos
can be found on the internet dedicated to sharing ALL of the "Discoveries".

"Pedal Twicker's Dream"!

Now we drop BACK to the "Lower Tier" again, and to the "Far Left Front", to my "Wampler Ethereal" Digital Delay/Reverb pedal

I almost ALWAYS put "Longish Delays" on my leads,
[think "David Gilmour/Frank Marino" here].

I love the sound of "Analog Delay", but the "Delay Length" limitations of "Analog" is TOO short. I like this pedal from "Wampler" because not only it can do "Long" delays, but it can can be set to sound VERY "Analog" too.

It ALSO has a "Trails" setting, meaning that the "Delay Trails" CONTINUE to "Fade Out" after disengaging the pedal, instead of "Stopping Abruptly" so that my Lead Parts can "Fade Over" as I "Switch Back" to a Rhythm.

Going to the "Rear Left" is the final pedal in the chain. It is an "Orange Two Stroke" Dual Band Parametric Equalizer

I use it to select two "Sweet Spots" in the "Mid Range".

This pedal is "Always On", and really dials in a "Voice" to my overall sound

Note: If you "Made" it completely through the path of the "Main Board",
You are now ready to journey through one "Final" board. This "Next" board is MUCH more "Simple"!

"Preamp & Stereo Doubling" Board;

✓ a High Plate Voltage Tube Preamp to apply a touch of "Even Harmonic Overdrive" and "Final Fine Tuning" of overall "Bass, Treble & Volume"

✓ an "Active Signal Splitter" and a "Digital Delay Pedal" working in "Tandom" to create "Stereo Doubling";

It is at "This" point, that the signal enters the "Amps".

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