My Guitar Amp Heads and Cabinets[Chuck Glisson].

Over 200 Watts of Doubled Stereo Guitar Sound.

Guitar Amp Heads;

I run a "Split Signal", with a "Slight Delay" on one channel, and feed each signal into two "Separate & Distinct" Amp Heads, which in turn drive their "Own" Dedicated "2-12" Speaker Cabinets;

Speaker Cabinets;

Each cabinet is loaded with two
"Jensen JCH-12/70"
8-Ohm speakers, wired in "Parallel".

Power handling capability of each cabinet is 140 Watts at 4-Ohms.

The cabinets are placed "Stage Right" and "Stage Left", and thus, due to a Slight 100% "Wet Delay" to [1] of the [2] Cabinets", a "Doubled Stereo Effect" is created Live!

Fine Tuning & Stereo Doubling;

Another permanent part of my Amplification Rig is a "Small Pedalboard" that sits atop of my amps;

Includng [3] Guitar Pedals which are "Chained" in this order,

✓ A "High Plate Voltage" 60's Fender Clone Preamp for final tuning of
"Volume, Bass & Treble", and adding a touch of "Even Harmonic" Overdrive

✓ an "Active Signal Splitter",
✓ a "Digital Delay",

working together in tandom to create "Two Signals", with
[1] of the [2] Signals
being "Slightly Delayed" in order to create the "Stereo Doubling" effect

Meet the man that keeps my Amps operating in pristine condition, Matthew Dawson;

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