"Dave Mustaine SUCKS!"
Dave Mustaine SUCKS!
The two adjectives that describe Dave Mustaine best; DICK, & ASS HOLE!

Dave Mustaine thinks he knows why people hate him, he has NO FUCKING CLUE!

Google Groups; "Megadeth" SUCKS!

Why Megadeth is now a TOTAL JOKE!

Daily Motion; Megadeth SUCKS!

GWAR’s Oderus Urungus To Dave Mustaine: “Keep Your FUCKING MOUTH SHUT"!

Nikki Sixx's Facebook Post; Dave Mustaine is a FUCKING ASS HOLE!

Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes To Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: You’re The KING OF THE ASSHOLES !

Nikki Sixx calls Dave Mustaine a FUCKING ASSHOLE!

Dave Mustaine turned out be SUCH AN ASS HOLE!

Anti-Gay “Christian” Megadeath Frontman Dave Mustaine Calls Fan “Faggot” At UK Show [with "Video"]!

AN "Open Letter" to Dave Mustaine.

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