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Surnames of my ancesters;

1st Generation;

Father = Charles F. Glisson Jr.
Mother = Elizabeth C. Carter

2nd Generation[from my Father];

Grandfather = Charles F. Glisson Sr.
Grandmother = Elsie Savanna Woods

2nd Generation[from My Mother];

Grandfather = Clarence L. Carter Jr.
Grandmother = Lenore G. White

3rd Generation [from my Father];

Great Grandfather;
Joseph R. Glisson
Great Grandmother;
Susan Anna West

Great Grandfather;
David Woods
Great Grandmother;
Lena Elizabeth Vinyard

3rd Generation [from my Mother];

Great Grandfather;
Clarence L. Carter Sr.
Great Grandmother;
Anna Lillian Rochford

Great Grandfather;
George Peter White
Great Grandmother;
Marian E. Hartmiller

Oher Related Surnames;

Lamance / Polly / Nobel / Duncan / Schuemann / Garneau / Donahue / McMahon / Collins / Grogan / Gibson / Hobbs / Stephens / Henderson / Nobel / Davis / Garres / Sikes / Brinkley / Bamfield / Cooke / Gourney

[Chuck Glisson]