My Favorite Progressive Commentators!
My Favorite Progressive Commentators!

Glenn Kirschner; Watch/Listen to Glenn Kirschner[former 30Yr Wa DC Prosecutor], go after the Trump crime family in his 6-11 minute daily YouTube updates!

Thom Hartmann; In depth Social/Political Analysis from the #1 Progressive radio talk show host in the US, and a New York Times bestselling author!

Gina Bonanno-Lemos; Activist for Progressive Poiltics, Health & Nutrician, & the Environment. She gives EXCELLENT "Daily Plus" updates on the status of the individual Court Cases of the J6 Capital Insurrectionist Traitors!

Mike Malloy; Straight Forward News, Opinion, & Commentary from an absolute "Truth Seeker", and "Truth Speaker"!

[ Chuck Glisson ]