"Eric Clapton is a RACIST and an ANTI VAXXER."
Eric Clapton
Racist and Anti Vaxxer!

Eric Clapton's Past Racist Comments Surface After Announcement of "Anti-Lockdown" Single.

Behind the music that SUCKS; "Eric Clapton".

Eric Clapton Continues to Suck, Won’t Play Venues That Require COVID-19 Vaccination.

Facebook Group; "Eric Clapton SUCKS"!

Eric Clapton SUCKS on YTMND!

Eric Clapton got radicalized as an anti-Vaxx, anti-government lunatic through YouTube.

Queen Guitarist Brian May denounces Eric Clapton's Anti Vaxx Comments!

Surprised Eric Clapton is a conspiracy theorist? Don’t be!

Has Eric Clapton blown his legacy?

Valerie Bertinelli on Eric Clapton; Once a Dick, Always a Dick!

Below is a transcript of what Eric Clapton said to the audience at one of his concerts in Birmingham, England, on August 5, 1976.;

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