"Eric Clapton SUCKS!"
Eric Clapton SUCKS!

Racist & Anti Vaxxer!

How much does Eric Clapton Suck? Let me COUNT "The Ways":)

Valerie Bertinelli on Eric Clapton; "Once a Dick, Always a Dick"!

Facebook Group; "Eric Clapton SUCKS"!

Eric Clapton SUCKS on YTMND!

Behind the Music that SUCKS; Eric Clapton!

Gary Holt says that Prince is a better guitar player than "Overated" Eric Clapton!

Eric “Arthritis Hands” Clapton SUCKS!

Eric Clapton "Continues" to SUCK, & "Won’t Play Venues" that require COVID-19 Vaccinations!

Eric Clapton STILL SUCKS!

Sting is “Baffled ” by Eric Clapton's Vaccine Scepticism: “I’m old enough to remember Polio, which was Eradicated via Vaccinations".

Anti-Vax Eric Clapton "Too Selfish To Associate With", says Blues Guitarist Robert Cray!

Eric Clapton got radicalized as an
"Anti-Vaxx & Anti-Government Lunatic"
through "YouTube"

Surprised that Eric Clapton is a Conspiracy Theorist? DON'T BE!

"Eric Clapton" has ALWAYS SUCKED

Eric Claptons latest "Right Wing Rants" has his former fans swearing off him FOREVER!

Eric Clapton confuses "Public Health Messaging" on Covid Vaccines with "Mass Formation Hypnosis"!

Eric Clapton claims that YouTube is using "Subliminal Advervising" to keep "The Masses" SUBSERVIENT, in an interview posted to YouTube!

Eric Clapton transitioned from a "Delta Blues" artist, to DELTA VARIANT ARTIST!

"Eric, this has gotta STOP"!

Queen Guitarist Brian May denounces Eric Clapton's "Anti-Vaxx" Comments!

Queen Guitarist Brian May bashes Eric Clapton "Anti-Vaxxers" as FRUITCAKES!

Eric Clapton is NOT God, he is just another vile "Anti-Vaxxer"!

Eric Clapton's "Past Racist Comments" surface after the announcement of his "Anti-Lockdown" Single.

Has Eric Clapton BLOWN his "Legacy"?

Below is a transcript of what Eric Clapton said to the audience at one of his concerts in Birmingham, England, on August 5, 1976.;

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