"Creed SUCKS!"
Creed SUCKS!

Unoriginal & Pretentious GARBAGE!

Scott Stapp is the most hated man in rock, & he does little to help change that.

The reasons why Creed SUCKS. We've reached 100!

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Behind the music that SUCKS; "Creed"!

The "Gauntlet" of SUCK!

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"You Shit Here With Me"[Live]!

Creed SUCKS; Vocal Plagiarism will not be tolerated any longer!

No, dude, EVEN JESUS hates "Creed"!

"Arms Wide Open"[Plugged Version]!

Did you know that Creed once played a show that was so awful that their "Own Fans" SUED THEM?

Two reasons to cease listening to Creed NOW!

Goodnight to the "Creed" era!

"Ohh Yeeee Ouhhhh"[Live]!

Why the lead singer of Creed isn't around anymore.

Scott Stapp was broke, & living in a Holiday Inn!

Tuesdays MEMES; "Creed"

The worst song ever? Creed asks the WRONG QUESTION!

Inside Look; The LAST "Creed Fan"!

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[ Chuck Glisson;
Favorite Online Radio Stations