MY "Open Letter" to Right Wing COVID "Whiners & Deniers".
MY "Open Letter" to selfish Right Wing COVID
Whiners and Deniers,

I was laid up as an Immobile, "Hospital Inpatient" for THREE YEARS.

I was WRITHING in pain, DEFECATING in my OWN BED, laying in my OWN FECES, and "Entombed" in MY OWN BODY, in a "Quarantined Room", ALL DAY, and ALL NIGHT!

I was also unable to "Talk", and had to be fed mechanically via a "Feeding Tube".

I almost died TWICE, had to have my heart "Fibulated", and to be Put on "Oxygen";

To THIS DAY, I am suffering from a compromised immune system, leaving me at "High Risk" to fatality if I get infected with COVID.

Yet some of you "Pussies" want to Bitch and Whine because YOU have to wear a "Mask" to prevent loss of LIVES?

"20 Year Military Veteran"
is Ashamed of some his fellow Americans, who are obviously nothing more than Self Centered Selfish ASS HOLES, so


[ Chuck Glisson ]